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Why Beeks?

Why Beeks?

Beeks Financial Cloud is the sister company and extension of BeeksFX VPS: the largest global provider of VPS solutions for automated trading.

The VPS business has grown rapidly over 4 years to deal with around 50 of the world’s leading forex brokers and support around 10,000 virtual machines. As a result we have an established track record in providing rock solid, low latency infrastructure solutions.

Beeks Financial Cloud has a head office in the UK and a fully funtioning NOC, with sites and staff in NYC, London, Chicago and Indonesia. We offer truly global support.

If latency matters to your trading applications you should be working with Beeks. Our fibre cross-connected network cannot be matched for latency or reliability by any other supplier.

We take the internet out of trading by using our own dedicated fibre connections to our partners.

If we are not cross connected to a provider you would like simply ask.. It can be incredibly simple to add a point to point connections to our network because we have the access, the experience and the trust.

Industry Leader

We are the global leader in providing VPS solutions for automated trading

Global Reach

Beeks Financial Cloud have a global reach with sites in London, New York, Chicago and Indonesia.

Speed Matters

We have the fastest latency financial sector environment.

Cross Connected

Our cross connection network is unrivalled in the sector.